5 Steps to Madness

A litany of lists.

Today’s selections began with 10 ways to organize my closet, which believe me there’s no hope of in my lifetime. How about 33 ways to pressure cook an egg. 57 ways to live on 57 dollars a day. 7 Secrets to successful spelunking. My personal favorite, 66 savory stops along route 66.

A numeric day of rest.

We would all benefit from such a thing. Your inbox would suggest reading articles with numberless headlines. We go back to using our creativity. Our language skills. Our writing skills. We go back to using words, not numbers. We go back to using superlatives. What a lovely sound that makes when I read it aloud.



Teller of Tales ׀ Author ׀ Lifelong Dreamer www.authormjmiller.com

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