On a winters day

A Winter’s Day. Artist: Ruth Florenz

It hangs in my office. Directly in my line of sight.

The trees are tall and bare. Dark imposing sticks rising high above the soft blanket of white. A singular icy path leading to the bottom of a hill the only disturbance to its innate stillness.

Desolate, I once thought.

Yet as I sit here and gaze at my aunt’s handiwork I now feel nothing but joy.

Sometimes I can hear it. The glorious sound of children screaming with laughter.

I see them. Bundled up in snowsuits, wearing matching knit caps and mittens and racing down the lone path on wooden sleds with shiny red metal runners.

I nod knowingly at the frantically shouted parental warnings of impending doom.

I savor the sweet and spicy aromas of the steaming cups of hot cocoa and cider.

Then I realize my nose and toes are numb from the cold and…

I smile.

MJ Miller is busy recovering from a somewhat long and painful marketing career. A prolific procastinator and querying addict, her musings can be found on her author’s blog as well as a few other blogs floating in the cloud. Her recently self-published works of fiction can be found on Amazon.




Teller of Tales ׀ Author ׀ Lifelong Dreamer www.authormjmiller.com

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MJ Miller

MJ Miller

Teller of Tales ׀ Author ׀ Lifelong Dreamer www.authormjmiller.com

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